whistle blowing


Congratulations on Clr. Pirri for blowing the whistle on the whole anti-train issue here in town as reported on page 7 of this week's Auroran.

This whole issue revolves around a special interest group, which apparently amounts to a single person….and they have since moved out of town.  Who knows they may have even moved by train.

The fact that something like this could have evolved to such a point shows a complete failing of the previous council.

It is unfortunate that Clr. Humpfeys considers there to be merits in continuing with portions of the report because she believes there remain safety issues..

Spending $ (to the tune of $750,000) on gates when the safety mechanism that has been used for over a century is in place and serves that purpose….well that just blows.

And so does anyone who supports it.

Thanks to Ron for including a great old picture of one of the trains that used to pass through our rails in this week's paper.

We are coming up to a large anniversary regarding Aurora's grand trunk railway.  If anything the  whole town needs to celebrate the rich heritage of rail our town was once part of. 

Aurora should embrace the train whistle, perhaps adopt a train whistle appreciation day with council issuing a proclamation.

I hear some music playing in the background too, perhaps some Kid Rock:

"I bet you'll hear my whistle blowin when my train rolls in
It goes"hooy-hooy-hooy" Like dust in the wind"

Watts on your mind?

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