“If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.”


Arthur Goldberg must have had his share of time dealing with or sitting on committees, because his comment rings true as much today as when he said it.

Committees were a topic, perhaps the primary topic at Tuesday's G.C. meeting here in Aurora.

Former councilor Alison Collins-Mrakas commented on this issue on her show OurTown.

It is quite upsetting to learn that upon discussing appointments to committees two Aurora councilors started to behave like petulant little children.

Councilor Ballard, must have had his "game" on Tuesday as apparently he was very upset, and vocalized his opposition to sitting on the committee he was appointed to: parks & rec.

Instead of being thankful for the appointment and the responsibility that comes with it for bettering our town and serving all of us he was upset because the committee was not his first choice.

He objected to the appointment citing that the committees he preferred to be on (economic development or heritage) would benefit from his experience.

Personally I'm glad Clr. Ballard has noting to do with the Economic Development committee given what I can only describe as an abysmal job he did sitting on it as a citizen member the previous term.  The Promenade study, or the laughable economic development website are hardly achievements, and there are no metrics that show any of his efforts actually contributed to any economic development within the town.

What is both preposterous, and down right insulting is his belief that he is somehow "more qualified" than his peers at the table for these committees.

Strange indeed given that Mr. Ballard, who through no justification at all, ended up on a wide range of advisory committees last term.  What were his qualifications that he cited before joining any of them at that point I wonder?

Clr. Ballard, I guess in hopes that he could change the outcome of the appointments, moved to have the item suspended for purposes of furthering discussions.  Discussions that were unnecessary and would only serve to further delay the town's business.

It appears through this motion that the only committee that Clr. Ballard really wants to sit on is the committee that appoints committees.

No big surprise Clr. Gaertner seconded his motion.

She stated, once again, that as a "common courtesy" councilors should get their first choice.


So if all the councilors pick the same committee they should all sit on it?

The Councilor sure seems to be preoccupied by common courtesy, and less about procedural bylaw as evidenced by her precious comments I commented on here: http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/quid-pro-bingo

Yeah lets all give Clr. Gaertner the gold star for democracy for her beliefs.

She then followed this unintelligible babble with the following assertion that last term all members of previous council got the committees they picked as first choice.

A flat out lie that didn't sit well with Clr. Buck who was on council last term.

Appointments last term may have landed Clt. Gaertner with her first choice but Clr. McRoberts, Buck, Collins-Mrackas and Marsh were not so lucky.

The difference between these councilors is that they served on the committees they were appointed to, or got involved and attended committees they weren't appointed to because that is their job.

Clr. Gaertner however has chosen a different approach by flat out refusing to sit on the committee she was appointed to.

So yet again the Clr is choosing to put herself before the town's business, incapable of living up to her own words:

"The prime responsibility of a councilor is to server their constituents needs….I trust that we will be able to set aside our ego and self interest and work only to do what is right for Aurora."

Both Clr. Gaertner and Clr. Ballard seem like they are characters stuck in the 1960's art film titled "The Committee" :  http://www.thecommitteethemovie.com/index.htm

A portion of the plot is discussed as such:

"the central character is called on to be part of a committee, groups that supposedly keep the system running but really don't do much of anything. He feels paranoid that the committee was called on account of him"

The resemblance to the antics from Tuesday's meting are uncanny.

P.S. Anyone unfamiliar with The Committee will be happy to know it was re-released in 2005 on DVD.   The release includes a CD of the soundtrack for the film, Recorded at the Rome Pop Festival, piper club 6/5/1968.

It features unreleased songs by none other than psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd


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