“Our Town”….and its Heritage

This past Wednesday I was invited to be a guest on the Aurorans show “Our Town” hosted by Alison Colins-Maraks.

I was quite honored, shocked may be a better word, to be her first guest and understand the reason I was selected was because I was the first to ask.  The lesson here to everyone else that was disappointed they were not selected: early bird gets the worm (and not one of the ones crawling through the diseased and dilapidated Petch House…more on that later).

I’m hoping that regardless of the success, or lack thereof of my appearance that both Alison and the show look to continue the incorporation of guests as it was a fun time, Alison was a great host allowing us to cover a lot of points and raised more questions than answers, which to me indicates a successful discussion.

It’s always interesting to be on the other side of the camera, you get to see what you can’t see from your living room (or laptop screen) and have to say the Auroran staff looking back, and manning the camera are both talented and professional.

If you are looking to watch it you can do so here:

As promised, I will include all of the visuals from the show, along with my anchor points but as there is too much to do so in a single post I will break it up into a series and do so over the next week.

Please feel free to submit any feedback, as I welcome any corrections, comments, praise or criticism of the opinions I put forth on the show.

I have more questions than answers, and expect that after reviewing the material you will as well.

Watts on your mind?

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