100 Watts : things that keep you asleep at night

In a talk at the 2009 Yorkshire International Business Convention Johh Cleese made several interesting points on the nature of creativity, you can watch it here:

Cleese is a creative tour de force and the fact that he’s an expert communicator with unparalleled skills in delivery doesn’t hurt one bit either.

It takes someone of Cleese’s vast experience in diverse creative pursuits, to send these messages home so effectively.

He’s not alone in his thinking.  Another prominent figure; the Dalai Lama arrived at the conclusion “Sleep is the best meditation.”

This approach of “sleeping on a problem” is in my view, bang on.  It has over the last 5 or so years become the way I approach creative barriers to my work.

It was also the impetus for writing my latest column which you can read here:

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Watts on your mind?

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