save the “insert feel good cause here”


As a community who prides itself on our commitment to heritage, seemingly above several other issues, I feel it is incumbant on all of us to pay greater attention to what is being done, and even more attention to what isn't.

So, as promised I plan to devote a series of posts to serve as a follow-up to my appearance on the Auroran's OurTown with Alison Collins-Maraks.

In order to properly re-approach the subject I decided to sit in on the Heritage Advisory committee meeting this past Monday evening.  What I witnessed answered a lot of the questions I had about the process, procedure and bureaucracy surrounding the committee and its members.  It also created a lot more questions which I plan to include in these posts.

What was of particular interest to me was a delegation from the group known as "Friends of the Petch house".

I took several notes and feel this will make make an excellent segue into a post regarding the Petch House, or at least what is left of it.

I'll follow it up with all the other heritage sites that were discussed and include all of the visual material I shared on the show.  The poster from Back to the Future included in this post being one.

My criticisms aren't likely to win me over any "friends" but that is not my purpose, and anyway the remains of the Petch House have proven how easy it is for any sad shack do that.


Watts on your mind?

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