lend me my hand


On page 8 of this week’s Auroran Susan Morton-Leonard writes a letter thanking herself.

“Additional Thanks to: AFA Board of Directors: Bob Leonard, Bernice Morrison, Susan Morton-Leonard, Hilary Musker, Sarah Sparks, Sher St.Kitts, Phillipa Wild.”

If you can stomach the rest of it you can read it here:

Download this file

To ensure everyone recognized their “selfless” charitable donations A-Farts also ran something in the Era Banner.  If you have no more vomit left after reading the Auroran letter you can read it here:

Wondering what exactly the CCAA plans to do with the $3000 raised by the A-Farts Jazz+/- event I visited their website:  http://www.ccfaa.com/?p=1394

On their landing page I see that they are announcing a Dinner and Concert “Honouring” George and Sher St. Kitts for “all they do” for CCAA and “their community”.

The event is held in “their community” of Woodbridge. 

Tickets are only $100! and you better act fast as they will no doubt be sold out faster than this year’s Hoedown tickets.

WTF is with these people?

The fact that you cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back doesn’t seem to stop them.

We can only hope the repetitive stress injuries of doing so will.

One thought on “lend me my hand

  1. Was interested to read the tweet by Councillor Ballard today..

    Chris Ballard ‏ @Chris4Aurora
    Congratulations #Aurora Jazz+ Festival for being named one of the top 100 festivals in Ontario http://ow.ly/9StlE Web http://ow.ly/9StuG

    Was more interested when following the link to the “Festivals and Events Ontario” website to check out the members of the Board….

    Scroll down to the bottom, big surprise?

    Pat self on back….

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