Fall Back plan?

I’m sure with the exception of a few everyone managed the time change over the weekend without missing a beat.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the town’s clock tower which now reads 5 minutes past 4.

Here’s a picture I took around noon today:


Okay, the clock tower may not be the town’s and I’m sure that everyday people pass by without even glancing at it, but it is a magnificent fixture and one that as Aurorans we should be proud of and strive to maintain.  You know, considering we’re a “leader in heritage” and flaunt our downtown heritage district as a component of what a pretetious few refer to as a “promenade”. 

The clock is even more so impressive when seen from the inside as evidenced by these amazing photographs:

I sure hope that someone looks into this matter and winds the clock back up again soon.

Sure would save the trouble of firing up the flux capacitor or printing up a bunch of these:


Watts on your mind?

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