W.T.F. : Walking The Fine line of Culture in Aurora



Ed Patrick was the host of a recent event at Aurora’s Cultural Centre mentioned in two previous posts here:

Patrick, shown above, is the founder and president of “The Companions of the Quaich” (http://www.thequaich.com/index.php) Canada’s self proclaimed Premier Malt Whisky Appreciation Society 

Those who feel there was value in a $90/ticket event graced by Patrick need to compare it to one recently in Guelph: http://guelph.ca/newsroom_display.cfm?itemID=72914

Not only were the tickets in Guelph $75 ($15 less) there was actualy tax receipt issued for a charitable portion where here in Aurora, all the proceeds went to the Cultural Centre.  Yet another inaccessibly priced fundraiser held by a centre that is proving to be anything but accessible.


On December 10th in Los Angeles, California Christina Hendricks of TV’s Mad Men is seen celebrating with Johnnie Walker in the picture above.  More pics can be seen here:  http://www.celebuzz.com/photos/christina-hendricks-celebrates-the-holidays-with-johnnie-walker/

Hendricks and Patrick both have shown an afinity to the culture of whisky, though somehow I expect their circles are very different, and never cross.

And that is my issue with the organization in Aurora that calles itself a “Cultural Centre”, yet operates in a very elitist and exclusive manner throwing several “VIP” nights and exclusive events, pandering to high culture and failing to provide real opportunities for cultural circles to come together all the while subsidized by our town’s tax base for that purpose.

Aurora has a very large appreciation society, one that extends to its borders.
When a community pays $500,000 a year to operate a Centre (it never asked for, and is boud contractualy to in a very questionable way) I think events like this are more a night of snub-nosing all but a handful of mucky-mucks.

If people are honestly paying $ to have a mucky-muck clubhouse to be seen at who would you rather have dispensing the booze?


In this promotional video from Johnnie Walker titled “The Man Who Walked Around The World” Robert Carlyle imparts the fantastic heritage behind one of the premier distillers in the world:

The video is done is one take, bringing together the theme of walking and the story of the man behind the bottle in a creative way where you are bound to learn more in 6 minutes than enduring an entire night of brown-nosing.

Oh, and unlike exlusive events with high ticket prices, it is free.

If, like myself, you saved your $90 and you are interested in learning more about the culture of whisky I suggest you treat yourself by heading out to your local L.C.B.O. store and peruse the wide selection that is available.  The staff at the L.C.B.O. is amazingly 
knowledgeable and can point you in any direction you may be interested in heading.

Just be sure to read Clr. Ballard’s twitter feed before you head out to as I hear he has been using it of late to alert everyone as to his selfless good deed of manning Salvation Army kettles outside certain L.C.B.O stores.

Just when I thought charging $90/ticket for whisky tasting fundraisers to a highly subsidised cultural centre was tacky, Clr. Balard lowers the bar earning yet another WTF?

Watts on your mind?

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