100 Watts : coyotes and politicans and bears, oh my



The black bear sighting in Aurora from a couple years ago is now being joined by increased sightings of coyotes.

It was the subject of my column this week which you can read here:


Last week I was a little taken aback to see the passive response by our M.P.P. with hosting a “public information meeting”.  Here is an announcement excerpted from the Era Banner:

In response to concerns about increasing incidents involving coyotes, Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees has scheduled a public information meeting with representatives from Natural Resources Ministry. The meeting is today at 7 p.m. at the Aurora Town Hall 100 John West Way in the Skylight Gallery

Considering coyote sightings have been an issue in town going on 3 years, perhaps we’re past the “information meeting” point.

What exactly is the Ministry going to tell us that we don’t already know, or that’s available on their website:

In my mind starting an education campaign like this:



is about as helpful as one like this:



Instead of solving the problem these efforts are all smoke and mirrors, not unlike those in the Looney Tunes cartoons.

To give some perspective a child was bitten by a Coyote in Oakville last Friday:

When are our local politicians, the same ones that champion our expansive parks and trails,  going to man up and take the position of Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller:

We don’t need to be vigilant, we need to be pro-active.

Coyotes and bears are proactive.

Politicians, especially like our M.P.P. are proving to be anything but.


Watts on your mind?

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