go pound truffle salt


Clr. Ballard seems to be heavily entrenched in a campaign of lobbting for the continuation of the flawed agreement between the town of Aurora and Aurora's Cultural Centre that has been publicly recognized.

On his personal website he has been proliferating significant misinformation, suggesting that it somehow suggests the Cultural Center's existence is in jeopardy.  I can easily see how some may consider that to be fearmongering.

Perhaps the agreement Clr. Ballarnd needs to be concerned with above and beyond the Cultural Centre's is his own agreement he made with the Town of Aurora.

On his personal website he emphasizes that he was:

Member of the Town’s "Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee", charged with creating a business plan for the new Aurora Cultural Centre

What he seems to be forgetting is that he is currently a sitting councilor and just over a year ago agreed to serve the interests of the town as a whole, not the few of a Centre he contributed to in its planning stages.

The lack of objectivity that seems to be clouding Clr. Ballard's rather privileged viewpoint exposed itself the minute he embarked on a confrontational dialogue between himself and the 2 straw-man councillors he admits to drawing into a knife-fight as claimed in this week's Auroran.

This was reinforced by his chosing to use a seemingly offensive ephamism "pound salt".  A suprising choice of words from a councilor who considers himself a word smith.

This salting-the-earth approach is ineffective, unprofessional and contradicts the application of his experience he continues to profess in the field of communications. 

It also does nothing to project the "salt of the earth" image of those that support the Cultural Center.

Perhaps it will require the termination of the Cultural Centre's agreement for Clr. Ballard to recognize the negative effects of his high sodium diet.

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