you gotta fight?


Whoever Peter Broughton i he has decided to weigh in on the Aurora Cultural Centre services agreement through an outrageous email exchange that has been posted on Clr. Buck's blog here:

Mr. Broughton no doubt taking a page out of the Scientology handbook picture above asserts:

"As I am sure you are aware, the constituency that voted for you is conservative and as a rule has little interest or appreciation for art or new ideas. "

I am not aware of that.  How could Mr. Broughton claim to know with any degree of certainty the constituency that voted in Clr. Buck, or any councilor for that matter?

Secondly, what rule is there that conservatives have little interest or appreciation for art or new ideas?

A blanket statement, that Mr. Broughton offers is extremely divisive in nature and completely without merit.

"Surely you could see it in your heart to protect a little culture in Aurora, while the country goes mad in a sea of fear, greed and safety."

So to Mr. Broughton $500,000 a year without any accountability affords protection for a "little" culture in Aurora?

How downright insulting.

A "sea of fear and greed" could be used to acurately describe what the Cultural Centre board is swimming in in attempts to prolong an agreement that has been pointed out is not in the interests of the town.

While we count down to the council meeting tonight where the Cultural Center is so bound and determined on bringing a fight, perhaps we could kick things off with a little cultural mash-up of Beastie Boys 1986 hit (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)


You break up our museum, now they got no place to go,
They ask again "please?" but you still say "NO!"
You shelve Aurora's past and then say with a smirk,
“Go pound all your history, this is culture now, jerk!”

'cus in Aurora, you gotta fight, for your right, to be arty!

Inside you talk art while nosing a scotch,
But to residents it all feels like a kick in the crotch.
So the folks inside the club start to wail and moan,
“But you need us Aurora, you’ve got no culture on your own!”

'cus in Aurora, you gotta fight, for your right, to be arty!

Town lawyer checks the contract and he says “NO WAY!”
So they rally all their friends to lead the truth astray!
Man, being self sufficient is such a drag
Now the town thew away their agreement rag (Busted)

'cus in Aurora, you gotta fight, for your right, to be arty!

The agreement with the town says we can’t interfere.
So you bought a shiny piano to kick the party into gear.
Now people walking by say "WHAT'S THAT NOISE!?"
Aww, town you're just jealous, it's the Culture Decoys!

'cus in Aurora, you gotta fight, for your right, to be arty!

And because it's no doubt in your head here's the original video :


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