If you’re not prepared to walk the walk. It’s probably best not to talk the talk.


During last Thursday’s Special Meeting of Aurora Council Clr. Gaertner objected, yet again, to what she percieved to be a contravention of procedural bylaws, then saw fit to break one herself.  

I wrote a letter in the week’s Auroran as to what I witnessed, you can read that here:

Download this file

This is a continuation of several objections the councilor has had to procedure that have proven to be nothing more than her misunderstanding, one of which earlier in the term had her asserting the clerk was doctoring minutes:  http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/council-dvd-the-directors-cut-now-with-commen

I don’t know upon what grounds Clr. Gaertner believes herself to be a better judge of the town’s procedural bylaw than the town clerk, but whatever her beliefs she has yet to showcase anything but her limited understanding of the same.

Sometimes the written word is not enough, so I have also uploaded a video I took at that meeting so that you can witness the Clr’s behavior for yourself:

Clr Pirri extended an offer to clr Garetner to help resolve her concerns but the Mayor pointed out as per the clerk’s remarks the gesture was unnecessary.

As unnecessary as Clr. Gaertner  choosing to abstain from voting on the issue she was in attendance of.

I’m unsure if this most recent example of unwillingness to serve the duty as an elected official is one of abstinence or obstinance, regardless the councillor’s overall attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

Perhaps greater willingness to be a team player would have been strengthened had she not declined to attend the team building exercise at the beginning of the term:  http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/get-on-the-bus

I commented previously as to how she seems to always be leaving something on the table here:  
http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/excuse-me-excuse-you  and remain  confused by Clr. Gaertner’s behavior.

Abstaining from the vote is one thing, but remaining in the room after participating in the debate is one deserving of a WTF?

It has been said that some people make your life better by walking into it, while others make it better by walking out of it.
It was hard to determine exactly which applied because without reason Clr. Gaertner returned to her seat right after the vote.

Clr Thompson noted that this event should be recorded.  You can view in the video that this happened within a 13 second period (7:37 – 7:50) with Clr. Gaertner never making it to the stairs let alone exiting the chamber.

What certainly isn’t missed, by the press, or any members of the public like myself that are paying attention is the blatant hypocrisy in Clr. Gaertner’s  decision making process.

A performance like last Thursday only serves to reinforce the adage “Rules for some and rules for others”.

It is disappointing that, from my view, Clr. Gaertner chooses to only adhere to protocol and procedures that suit her fancy. 

Aurora deserves better, not bitter.

Watts on your mind?

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