100 Watts : Death comes to town


Clr. Gallo stated at last week’s council meeting that Aurora’s Arts & Culture scene had been murdered in cold blood as though he was acting out a scene from one of the popular C.S.I. series.  The only thing missing in his presentation were a pair of sunglasses he could lower David Caruso style.

This was the subject of my column this week, which you can read here:

It also seems like the comment caught the attention of Brock Weir, as his column featured above mine also delves into the off-color remark.

If you missed the over-the-top statement you can of course watch the meeting on Rogers here:

Considering Clr. Gallo fully intended his remark to be heard by the public as a soundbite, an audio snippet is provided here:

I’m not sure how Clr. Gallo arrived at such a conclusion given the fact that his skills of deduction are not all that sharp.  Remember this is the same Clr. that rose a “point of something” : http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/point-of-something

Watching both councillor’s Gallo and Ballard behave like petulant children turned the entertainment factor offered by both from drama to comedy.  Following Gallo’s declaration Clr. Ballard started to rope off the town giving the instructions to “move along”, “no culture to see here”.
And no doubt given the opportunity to write the obituary both Councillors would claim that 5 fellow members of council were the sole culprits of this heinous crime.
At its height it felt as though I was watching an episode of “Death Comes to Town”, a Canadian mini-series featuring the popular comedy troupe Kids in the Hall ( http://www.cbc.ca/kidsinthehall/) that aired back in 2010.  That show took place in a fictional Ontario town called Shuckton, but the botched murder mystery is all to similar to the contributions of both Clr.s Gallo and Ballard.

For anyone to reduce an entire town’s arts & culture output to a single, or couple events, or organizations, or to contend that if special treatment is not extended to one organization, is insulting to the town as a whole and shows a startling limited comprehension of running the town’s business while observing the big picture.

It certainly calls in to question how Clr. Gallo perceives the town’s role in handling sponsorships in a fair and equitable manner.

On this issue, and several others Clr. Gallo has only demonstrated one thing consistently:

That he is dead wrong.


FYI Included in this post is a graphic Warren Brown was comissioned to do for the series.  A talented designer, you can view more of his work on his site here:  http://www.warrenbrown.ca/blog/?p=371

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