caution, the Kean you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot!


How does one take twice failed candidate for the office of Mayor Nigel Kean?

Is it two vinegars and one piss, or is it double, double?

On pg 6 of this week’s Auroran Kean doubled down on former clr. Evilina McHeckron’s recent objection to an exchange the Mayor had with Clr. Ballard.  You can read it here:

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Clr. Buck had brought forward on her blog former Clr. McHekron’s letter to the Era Banner about the same comment in attempt to sway members of the public to denounce the mayor.  You can read it here:

Both Kean and McHekron blast off without addressing the context of the comment, luckily it is provided lower on the same page.

Matt Madocks, provided a much needed rational assessment of the comment ans spoke about the context in which it was used in a comment to Clr. Buck’s blog which is I will bring forward here:

13 APRIL, 2012 9:32 PM 

Let’s take the clock back to the Aurora Town Council meeting of March 27, 2012. The Mayor, in response to Clr Ballard’s question, “Can you give me your assurance that the Aurora Cultural Centre board was not ‘forced’ to agree to these terms?” (Clr Ballard’s use of the word “assurance” was nothing more than an effete attempt to be coy; deliberately using the same phraseology the Mayor had used, when on Feb 28 the Mayor had posed a “question of honesty” to ACC board member Robert Layton, whose hesitance to respond actually spoke volumes), 
responded with the paraphrased “and I’ve stopped beating my wife.” This particular turn of phrase has been around for some time. The actual diatribe refers to a questioner asking their subject, “Have you stopped beating your wife”, where there is no option for a positive yes or no answer to this query. It’s a prime example of a loaded question, as it presumes guilt before any answer is even given. It’s a cheap-shot tactic, used by small-minded people. 

But I strongly suspect Ms. MacEachern knows this. This is what makes her letter so repulsive. Attempting to hoist herself up on the back of the very serious and grave issue of domestic abuse, is both disgusting and detestable. By corrupting such serious subject matter in the manner that she has, Ms MacEachern has fouled the sincere efforts of those in the industry who have spent their lives raising awareness on the evil nature of spousal violence. 

How dare she.

Then, to further her vindictiveness, she goes on to refer and post web links to groups and societies who are genuine in their quest to assist those who suffer, educate our communities, and shed awareness on this crime. 
This is grandstanding at its lowest, most repugnant level. So it comes as no surprise to see the former Mayor jumping right up onto Ms MacEachern’s noxious bandwagon. 

If she has achieved anything in her failed attempt to discredit the Mayor, Ms. MacEachern has served to reinforce the decision made by the good people of Aurora to send her packing, to no longer allow her abusive, insulting self to occupy an honoured seat at our council table. I view her comments as nothing more than a continued series of thinly-veiled attempts to try and bring down those who I’m sure she blames for her political demise. 

You do not fool us Ms. MacEachern. We see right through you.

The same goes for Nigel Kean.

Being both former councilors trying hard to climb out from being swept under the political carpet it’s very transparent that both have responded in this way.

Either they are not very astute politicians and are ignorant of the phrase, or more likely they know exactly the context of the comment and instead chose to flaunt self righteousness objection to a non-issue.  Motivations for doing the latter can only be seen as politically charged, vindictive and petty.

As Mr. Madocks pointed out McHekron is no stranger to the term “beaten” given the outcome of the most recent election that she has obviously not come to terms with.

And Mr. Kean showed his pettiness coat when it was recognized that he squirled away an email and provided it to the former Mayor’s legal defense.  I commented on that here :

That occurred shortly after losing his second and most recent campaign to be Mayor.
He swiftly declared that he lost the election because he didn’t have the requisite funding.

Not a chance.

He lost it because he failed to impress during his time on council.
He lost it because he does not exhibit the qualities of a leader.
He lost it because he reacts instead of taking the time to think things through.

His loss is Aurora’s gain.

Nigel Kean has left Aurora with such a bitter after taste that I’m pretty sure that if his cup, overflowing with piss and vinegar, was one of those roll up the rim to win promotions it would surely read “Sorry, Please don’t try again!”

Watts on your mind?

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