100 Watts : huh? oh yeah I’ll pick that up later I’m busy saving the Earth now


The picture above is from one of no doubt several “Run for the Earth” charity 
walks/jogs/runs/marathons and it illustrates nicely how ironic the action is when one considers the cause.

This monumental act of stupidity ties in nicely with the theme of my column that ran in The Auroran April 30th.  You can read it here:

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The town of Aurora has taken on a strategic focus to be both “sustainable” and “innovative”.  

It knows not how it plans to implement these strategies and has been incredibly forthright in saying so, which is surprising given the amount of staff (full-time I might add) that are tasked with this very thing.

What the Town does have, has always had, and until it pissed them away will continue to have is a multitude of opportunities and tremendous resources to draw from.

With respect to Environmental Stewardship aside from removing the burden of the Bullfrog Power guilt-tax the Town of Aurora has done very little this term. 

It is also disconcerting that there is little discussed at council regarding iniatives that would advance the town’s innovative and sustainable position in this area given the deficit that is apparent from staff.

How is it with a fulltime staf member assigned to an Environment portfolio that the Town could bungle something as simple as “Earth Hour”?

How is it that “Earth Week” was programmed to contain pathetic and mediochre P.R. pieces?

Even the “Mayor’s” anti litter day seemed to be as much about going through the motions as it was a worthwhile initiative.

Over on the Living In Aurora blog many of my concerns about the event were addressed, it’s a quick and worthwhile read, if you haven’t check it out here:

Anna points out what I’ve always suspected as one of the key sources of litter being that of overflowing blue-bins being spread about by the elements.
She even recommended a useful tip to underfil the bin to reduce this, I commend her for it.  

What this does is pinpoint an overall design flaw in the waste program as it exists.   The Green-bin has a lid, and some garbage cans do too, but not all, and the blue-boxes which are an all-in-one container for a large portion of household waste have nothing to secure their contents.  I have seen deeper/taller bins around town and conceivably they would hold greater volume protecting it from higher winds, but there are no doubt other solutions that can be innovated here to aid in this issue.

Not everything that is strewn about as litter is purposefuly placed there, and I think that’s an important point that needs to be raised.

Especially when we’re continuously assulted with campaigns to “Raise Awareness”.

Preocupation with Raising Awareness really begs the following two questions:

1.) How stupid do some people think other people are?

and seeing as the obvious answer to that question is very

2.) How “aware” do we need to be?

Is there someone with an awareness meter running around measuring the overall amount of awareness to say “a little more over here”, or “oh these guys aren’t getting it add more awareness”

What happens when everyone is aware but there is no action afforded that provides tangible benefits?


That’s what happens.

As a society, but specifically as a town we need less awareness and more call to actions. 

Actions that are different, innovative and sustainable.

That means actions that are meaningful.

The “Mayor’s” anti-litter day is an opportunity to bring the community together for something positive, not negative.  The whole event needs to be renamed.  It’s not about “The Mayor”, and it’s not anti-litter as much as it is about beautifying and greening our town.  There is much the town could be capitalizing on instead of turning it into a cheap meaningless BBQ that produces more waste in the name of “awareness”.

I am confident in my assesment that :

Aurorans are very aware, to suggest otherwise is downright insulting.

Aurorans know their evironment and what we are responsible for.


Aurorans now have a strategy being dangled in front of us: be innovative and sustainable.

If the Town of Aurora was looking for the right time to lead by example it would be now.

Alternatively, if they’re looking for the right place for their Strategic Plan perhaps they should be looking to distribute them directly into the blue-bin and save us and the environment the heavy lifting for their mistakes.

Watts on your mind?

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