Aurora Logs?


Here’s an interesting bit of American and Architectural trivia for you:

John Lloyd Wright, the inventor of popular American children’s toy Lincoln Logs, was the son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright:

The logs that remain from that Petch Shit-Shack has surfaced again as a topic of debate as the cost of the restoration has spiked to over double the $50,000 amount that was provided by the developer for restoration efforts.

Details of the reconstruction were found in a piece on page 8 of the May 1st edition of the Auroran.  
Even more interesting than the rise in expenses is this:

“Materials in the Town’s heritage salvage program – comprising of materials like beams, mouldings, and other architectural features collected from demolished heritage buildings – have been put at Mr. Van Nostrand’s disposal…”


Under whose authority were the materials from the Aurora Architectural Salvage Program disposed of to this effort?

Aurora’s Architectural Salvage Program, if it can be called that, was exposed as a flawed and feebly constructed informal effort.

When I delegated to the Heritage Advisory Comittee on this issue I was told point blank that the program is not in operation, that it never achieved its objectives due to lack of resources.  You can read more about that in one of my previous posts here:

To be crystal clear, there is no Aurora’s Architectural Salvage “Program”, just as there is no inventory of materials, no manual of protocols or procedures, just a shoddily constructed document that following my delegation the committee agreed to remove from the town’s website.

That’s right, the so called program is not running.  It is not collecting artefacts from demolished structures.  Meaning that no salvage efforts on behalf of the town were taken upon demolition of the George Browning House, nor will there be anything salvaged when the Graham Farm house is turned into a road.

So much for Heritage.

Given the absence of integrity of such a program, who exactly would have, or could have, made a decision that materials collected to date would be used for the Petch-Shack project?

Who has the authority to do so?


By resolution of the Heritage Advisory Committee?

If that was done I don’t see record of it.

Wouldn’t council have to ratify such a decision?  

Did they?

Re-assembling the Petch Shit-shack is not a simple exercise in assembling logs like from a kids toy set.  Councilors supported this initiative without setting clear project parameters and an understanding of what the structure will be used for in the end.  Not surprisingly the project is starting to suffer from cost over-runs.

What is surprising is that artefacts are being extended to this effort with no efforts to ensure consistency or equality.

And this after the town was awarded some sort of shiny plaque for its efforts in this area.

Can’t help but wonder what else in the town’s efforts towards heritage are assembled in childlike fashion.

Watts on your mind?

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