100 Watts : “We Take Pride Out Of Our Parks”


The above photo was one I snapped at this year’s Arctic Adventure.

Q : Do you see what is wrong with it?

A : The truck isn’t white.

Or at least that’s what a bunch of ass-hats from past council thought as they decided to exert conformity across the town’s fleet of vehicles, deciding on white.

I wrote about it in my column this week, which you can read here:

Download this file

Who in their right mind would believe the optimum colour for a work vehicle is white?

Green is more in line with the work the parks department is engaged in, it also promotes the awareness of being “green” from an environmental perspective, oh and it helps to hide the dirt and wear.

White, on the other hand, is bland.  It’s boring, it shows all the imperfections and offers nothing to differentiate the town’s services, or the town as a whole. 

There is no substance to the argument that a particular colour for a fleet of vehicles costs more money from a purchase or insurance side.  

Perhaps a way to get the ass-hats that remain on council, which are thankfully few, out of their colour bind would be to explore options for a program to wrap all town vehicles in a dynamic graphic.  A contest could be incorporated for bringing forward designs with a mix of public/private sponsorships to pay the cost.

Something like this would help sell the slogan “We Take Pride In Our Parks”, it could even be extended to read “We Take Pride in Our Town”, or even “Making Aurora Green, with envy!”

Or, of course we could just paint them all mediocre white and take pride in the high level of consistency in applying ill-conceived schemes on our town. 

That was the modus-operandi last term of council and we’re still digging out.

White, Green, Orange.  Does it really matter what colour the truck is if at the end of the day it is shit brown?

Watts on your mind?

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