“why are you looking at me as though I have two heads?”


Aurora relentlessly exhausted the publicity of being awarded the Price of Wales prize, during last council’s reign of error.

Seen here the Heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales is derived from the ostrich feathers borne by Edward, the Black Prince:


If one bothers to inspect closely they will read the German motto “Ich dien”, which translates to “I serve.”

The question of who one serves was raised by Clr. Ballard in an overtly insulting letter to the Auroran this week.

In his letter Clr. Ballard summoning all of his wordsmithery put forth the biblical cliche that one can’t serve two masters. 

It was levelled in reference to the non-existant accountability measures needed to reign in the unsustainable, unserving, and unnecessary operation known as the Aurora Cultural Centre.

It is laughable that in all of the effort that was taken to write such diatribe that the Clr. doesn’t recognize that he himself is guilty of the very attempt at futility he is accusing others of.

Given that Clr. Ballard was involved in the crafting of the agreement, if there’s anyone guilty of political interference, or violating a conflict of interest it is Clr. Ballard himself.

All the way through the discussions surrounding the shoddily constructed Cultural Services Agreement Clr. Ballard aligned himself with the Centre, not the Town of Aurora which he was elected to serve, opening his allegiances to interpretation.

They appear to be a mash of of self serving efforts as well as serving this “cultural” special interest group, not the town as a whole.

As for “hoping that lessons have been learned”, the Clr’s letter is evidense that he is incapable of learning the most valuable of the lessons that played out over the past 6 or so years in this town.

In his letter Clr. Ballard complains about his issues being obscured, which is rich given the campaign of mis-information he ran about the Centre being shut down.  Smoke, mirrors, cloaks, daggers and avoidance brought together a mob to interfere with the political process that should have taken place regarding the Cultural Services agreement.  That was an affront to democracy, and if there’s any outstanding apology it is from Clr. Ballard for arranging such a despicable display.

Back to determining what lessons have been learned, Ballard writes:

“We cannot function as a council if the mayor believes he can run the town alone, without Council’s direction.”

Rewind back to last term of council, the most dysfunctional in recent memory and this rings true.
History isn’t repeating itself, we’re just being continually subjected to the flawed interpretations of a Clr. who is showcasing that he has no intention of working collaboratively or with an ounce of civility. 

With regards to the Cultural Services Agreement Ballard insists “Success” and “Popularity” as he perceives them to be, are justifications for an inexplicable arms length arrangement.  What he conspicuously leaves out of this argument are any quantitative metrics to support it.  That’s because there are none.

As for “significant accountability measures already in place” The Marr report says otherwise.  There are no KPI’s, historically or “ongoing”.  Their absence does not speak to a well conceived and executed business plan, but more of a bumbling experiment that is hemorrhaging money and doing nothing to serve our town’s cultural or heritage needs.

The Clr. has displayed limited comprehension how public private partnerships are supposed to work.  Much more on that in a future post.

Upon taking office Clr. Ballard declared “Let the games begin”.  Now after almost 2 years in office, surely it is time for Clr. Ballard to put aside the games of personal political agendas and start articulating and acting toward a vision shared by council.

Its time for Clr. Ballard to focus on the future, and not tearing down the good things the current council is doing, so that it serves his other masters, whoever they may be.

After all, this is the council that he has been elected to, and swore an oath to.  Not the empty shell of one that came before, and will never see the light of day again.

He’s had more than his share of time at the pulpit, now it’s time time for this Clr. to Sit Down, Servant!

Which coincidentally is the name of an excellent blues Gospel dub outfit which you can catch at Massey Hall Saturday night.

Details are on their website here: http://www.sitdownservant.com/

Here’s a brief glimpse of 2 guys, with 2 heads produce culture without all of Clr. Ballard’s head games:


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