“More things in politics happen by accident or exhaustion than happen by conspiracy.”


Political, media and culture reporter and analyst Jeff Greenfield knows a thing or two about conspiracies having served as CBS Senior Political Correspondent in his more than thirty years on network television. He currently hosts PBS' "Need To Know." 

Apparently there was something Aurorans needed to know as the message "NWO + Auroran" was scrawled in front of the Aurorans offices some time over the weekend.  Here is a photo I was able to snap:


The whole political statement appears to have happened out of accident, or by someone overcome with exhaustion.  What could have been a colourful and engaging art piece looks like it was accomplished by a 4 year old in less than 2 minutes.  

If you're not going to put any heart into your message, no one is going to consider opening theirs to you.

At least this was only done in chalk unlike the other graffiti that has been popping up around town with cryptic messages about New World Order, 2012 and Stephen Harper.

It wouldn't suprise me if this, and the others were done by the same group of 10 deadbeats that formed a "smoke-in" protest back in April outside the same building ( http://www.yorkregion.com/print/1340416) led by Heidi Stoeklin.

Stoeklin approached council in Open Forum to discuss her preoccupation with the Bildeberg group .  Since then she has written into the Auroran citing Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory as a credible source of information.  I've commented on her paranoid  antics in previous post here:  http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/tag/heidistoecklin

Given the laughably small numbers Ms. Stoeklin is able to rally (0 for Love-In at Town Park, 4 for Massive Peace-In, 8 for opposing the Nokkida trail, and 10 for a pot protest) she desperately needs to re-evaluate her series of failed attempts at engagement.

If it's peace your after Ms. Stoeklin you need to turn inward before trying to change the world, oh and it wouldn't hurt if you dropped the sanctimonious and downright insulting rhetoric you post about the people of Aurora on the "Aurorans for World Peace Facebook Group".

Here is an excerpt from January 5, 2011:

"We are not Aurorans because of the place but because of the name. Trust me people in Aurora, Ontario are slow to movement as they rest comfortable in their homes leading their priviledged lives. People in Aurora have yet to embrace compassion for the suffering in the world."

Either take off the tinfoil hat, step down from your pulpit and address Aurorans as your equals, or continue to hinder your cause more than advance it by living a paranoid life.

Watts on your mind?

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