Garbage In, Garbage Out

Included in the town’s notice board that ran in this Thurday’s Error Banner was an announcement of an app you can download to access, get this, your garbage schedule.

Be still my heart.

This is as exciting as following the town’s twitter feed which does little more than notify one as to when your next water bill is due.

For anyone who is even the slight bit interested and wanted to access the app a QR code is included.  Unfortunately due to a glaring oversight the tag is so small, and the print quality of the paper, which is pathetic at the best of times, is so piss poor that neither the tag is readable, nor is the text on either side.

Here is a scan of the page:


Considering the town pays over $70,000 to run the notice board in the Error Banner, the least they could do is proof their print material.  They clearly didn’t make the effort, instead this was shuffled off to print with no appreciation for us residents.

Not unlike most efforts from the town’s communications department, this entire notice is a huge waste of space.

There seems to be even confusion as to what is mine, as the “My-Waste” app isn’t “The Town of Aurora’s” as advertised.  It is owned by Municipal Media Inc.

Who decided this was an acceptable use of resources, and how much does this service cost?, both in licensing and staff time? 

Considering the multiple full-time and part-time staff don’t any of them understand anything pertaining to digital services and how to implement them?  Instead of building capacity the town seems all too content in building an ignorant and wasteful culture.

What Aurorans could really use is an app to monitor and report back to all of its tax payers the total $ spent on wasteful programs like this.

Considering the town has already spent 3/4 million dollars on an asset management solution how difficult would it be to build an app for accessing that database?  Or has that already been thrown out with the trash?

Watts on your mind?

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