Another one bites the crust?


Clr.  John Gallo wrote a letter drenched in melencholy to the Auroran this week that appeared on page 6.

The topic of which was his love affair with, get this, the Zellers restaurant.

From the Clr. that declared at a council meeting that “culture was dead” this letter helps to define exactly what he considers to be “culture”.

The Zellers restaurant was what it was.  What it wasn’t was a destination.

The service was always decent, but the food was nothing to write home about, let alone the local paper.  

In his letter he makes some remark about big box stores, and that they are “out to get you”, whatever that means.  I guess the fact that both Target and Zellers are both big box stores was lost on him.

An acceptable place to take the family in a pinch maybe, but the Zellers restaurant was definitely not on the radar when one considers all the amazing places to get breakfast in our town. 

There’s several family run and medium size restaurants with excellent breakfast faire, all of which are very welcoming to young children.  
I know because I frequent them with my 2 kids.

One tip that someone should pass onto the Clr. is not to go looking for them to be inside big box stores.

Another would not to severly restrict where one takes the family for fear of other patrons glares. How else are kids going to learn how to behave if you keep them inside the bubble of a big-box restaurant?

Perhaps after he’s finished his period of mourning Clr. Gallo will look to take his family for a bite elsewhere in town, and in doing so may find he can separate his dining experience from a where he buys his clothes.

Watts on your mind?

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