Watts The Frequency? – September 4th 2012


My fourth column on digital culture ran on page 23 of the Auroran this week.
You can read it here:

V12N42P23 (1).pdf
Download this file

The topic was journalism and it reinforces several of the points raised in John Naughton’s Keynote speech “The elusive technological future” at the 2011 conference of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT).  It’s a long speech but woth watching here:

Blinsided by conventions, paradigms mindests and business models Naughton highlights how print journalists have been fantatsticaly hostile to the online world, partly because they cant envision a world without them.

They are confusing form and function.

Value chains have been disolved.

The future of journalism isn’t about the future of newspapers.


Perhaps George Orwell said it best:


Stay Tuned.

Watts on your mind?

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