The not so Hidden Agenda


At last night’s council meeting Clr. Gaertner pulled a memorandum she circulated with regards to the Town of Newmarket Council Resolution Regarding Election of the York Regional Chair.

The underlying issue is one that I commented on in a previous post here:

It was more interesting however to read Clr. Gaertner’s memorandum as it contained a vapid email from none other than Catherine Marshall.  You can read it here:

Pages from 2012-09-11 Additional Items.pdf
Download this file

Catherine Marshall is of course all of a sudden the champion of democracy stating “Elections seem more democratic than appointments”

A suprising about face from her support of “appointing” Clr. John Gallo instead of running a by-election.  You can read her words here:–time-for-aurora-council-to-get-on-with-their-work

There are some additional Error Banner pieces on the by-election/appointment debacle here:

It is this last one that highlights “a summary of e-mails to the town listed 53 people who had written in favour of a byelection and six in favour of an appointment”.:–byelection-back-on-aurora-agenda

Darryl Wolk chimed in on his blog (… ) to say:

“Personally I think democracy is the best way to go, and there should be a by-election to fill the seat despite the cost.”

Marshall didn’t agree, and seems very selective in her understanding and application of the term “democracy” as I pointed out in this post here:

Perhaps Ms. Marshall is not paying attention to the news.  This is a regional issue, one that is being debated through a private members bill tabled by Richmond Hill MPP Reza Moridi as covered in this Toronto Star piece here:–york-region-private-member-s-bill-targets-unelected-regional-chair

Aurora’s Mayor, who has returned from summer vacation, will no doubt be reporting back to council from his elected seat at Regional council.  The item will be discussed arriving out of this.

Ms. Marshall can continue to wait for it, because democracy doesn’t depend on her self righteousness or her heightened level of impatience.

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