The Imitation of Culture, or the Culture of Imitation?


When the Aurora "Cultural" Centre launched its new website early this year it also tagged on its horridly tacky green lower case "a" logo.

This logo was provided through services by Red Rhino, mentioned here:

Red Rhino is a design outfit from London, Ontario. 

Nice to see the "Aurora" Cultural Centre supporting and engaging local or even regional business.

I couldn't help but recognize the striking similarity between the Cultural Centre's logo and Ashton Green's, as displayed side-by-side above.  Even the colour choice of green seems a little suspect.

Ashton Green is an online retailer specializing in fabulous cookware, cooking tools and home keeping essentials.  Their website is : 

Interestingly enough Ashton Green is also located in London, so it is hard to believe that Red Rhino arrived at their design in isolation.

While the lower case a is incorporated well into Ashton Green's overall design, the abomination that is Aurora Cultural Centre's logo offers nothing but a meaningless swirl.  Fitting if one considers the $500,000 annually that the centre flushes down the town drains.

The Aurora Cultural Centre touts itself as innovative.  
This is just one more example of how they prove to be the exact opposite.

Watts on your mind?

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