Balls Deep

The Aurora Hysterical Society ran an ad on page 30 of the November 27th edition of the Auroran to declare they had “raised” $13,000 from their Hillary House Ball.  You can read that here:

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The claim that $13,000 from this event will “support operations, restoration and programming at Hillary House” appears to me to be a gross misrepresentation.

The figure of $13,000 aligns with my projection of revenue which was based on attendance multiplied by ticket price in this post here: 

So sparing us the spin when will the Historical Society outline the cost of putting on the event?

Dinardo’s contractual agreement is for a minumum of 250 guests, multiply that by $35+ and you’re looking at $10,000 just for the meal.

If you add in other expenses such as hiring a big band, quartet, harp and then look to pay for the hor’ d’ourves, decor, lighting, a mobile sign and the cheesy fans used as props you’re probably looking at an additional cost of $4,000 +.

The question isn’t how much was raised, but how much was spent?

What was the net?

Is it a profit or a loss?

The Society needs do a much better job of presenting their accounting before they come crying poor to council seeking grant money.

What they received last year which was in excess of $50,000, and they had the balls to ask to be added as a line item in the budget.

How much further deep in the red is the town prepared to let this vision-less organization go?

For those that are curious the artwork above is from Honky’s 2005 album:

Founded in 1996 by Butthole Surfer bassist JD Pinkus Honky is an Austin trio that has toured with the likes of Nashville Pussy.

Be sure to check out the band’s latest release Honky 421 which dropped back in October:

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