Waste Oddity

Our house uses, and re-purposes a lot of electronics over the course of a year. Some are new, others inherited but all are reverse engineered toward the end of their life in some way or another. A few end up with the Frankenstein treatment before they make their march to be unceremoniously recycled.

But here in Aurora recycling your electronic waste isn’t without ceremony, at least of a political nature.

I commented back in 2010 when I found myself being approached by the fomer, one term mayor in a cue to drop off gear at one of the Town’s REC centre’s, you can read that here:

Obviously a blatant “look at me” move, strategically done close to an election. I still have no idea what place a Mayor has at an event like this.

The town voted to turf the egotistical mayor in a quest to ensure no Morris of the same for the town’s leadership, but what have we here?

This past Saturday was “Mayor Dawe’s” Electronic Recycling event. Details posted on the town’s pathetic excuse for a website are here: http://www.town.aurora.on.ca/aurora/index.aspx?ArticleID=4416&lang=en-CA

Here’s the poster:

And of course no event like this would be complete without an obligatory SNAP photo to make it official:

I can’t determine if the item he is holding in his hand is either the Town of Aurora’s newly acquired pricey Customer Service upgrade or a much needed practice guitar amp for the Council Critters.

If it’s the latter he’s certainly cranked it up to 11 given last year’s event which was simply “Hosted by Mayor Dawe”, and he didn’t stay for the full event as I commented on in this post here: http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/what-a-waste

It certainly was pathetic and reflective of the former mayor’s desire to put herself in front of the town with all of the events that were co-opted by her with the term the “Mayor’s”, I commented on that here: http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/true-blood-aurora

We have seen a noticeable reduction in that with Mayor Dawe, and for that he should be commended. The “Mayor’s” Prayer Breakfast was renamed. The “Mayor’s” corn roast is now Council Corn roast. There is no “Mayor’s” blood drive, there is simply a blood drive for all Aurorans, the list goes on.

That being said it’s a pretty slimey move to take any event and insert not only “Mayor’s” but also the Mayor’s name.

What was the expectation? That people would flock to the event so they mayor could witness all the crappy broken electronics each citizen was dumping? Or that someone might want to get an old blender autographed by the Mayor?

To be honest he looked very out of place. I don’t think it was the intent that donors were to get out of their cars to shake hands or even have a conversation with him. I did, but it felt awkward.

Given one of the aims of the town’s newly adopted strategic plan is sustainability, and that applies to all resources makes an event structured like this itself a waste. I suspect the mayor’s time could be better spent elsewhere.

Back on January 8th David Bowie turned 66, as a small nod to the man who has never wasted an opportunity I have reworked one of his classics:

This is Town Control to Mayor Dawe, you’ve barely made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it’s time to leave the works yard if you dare

This is Mayor Dawe to town control, I’m stepping through the car door
My ego’s floating in a most peculiar way
As a star I look very different today
Here am I sitting in my black tin can far above the world
Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing else I can do

Though I’m past a couple miles, I’m feeling very still
And I think my Jaguar knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows

Town control to Mayor Dawe, your circuits dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Mayor Dawe?
Can you hear me, Mayor Dawe?
Can you…


2 thoughts on “Waste Oddity

  1. Hi Chris -I totally agree that it is pretty easy to go overboard on “Mayor’s” events, however the Mayor’s blood donor clinic is one I support 100% and was actually involved in the original one. The agency running blood donor clinics at the time, was looking for a way to boost local donations and then Mayor John West, agreed, at my urging to host the first Mayor’s Blood Donor Clinic. The Red Cross would not even do at the Town Hall originally because we could not guarantee a minimum number of donations, so it was held in the basement of the church. John and I lobbied everyone we knew, from vetern donors to first timers to come out. It was a roaring success and got moved to the Town Hall. It continues today. One donation can save 8 lives, and blood can not be manufactured. In my opinion, this was one very successful “Mayor’s” event!

  2. Grace, thank you so much for providing the backstory on that event.

    I agree the event itself is important, but I still question the need to name it after a single position. If it was named Council’s Blood Donor Clinic I doubt there would be a reduction in traffic, in fact with 9 members as opposed to one out there promoting and championing it it may have more impact, definitely more sense of inclusivity and community.

    The change made at the Farmers Market cornroast, and the prayer breakfast were s a step in the right direction, too bad it didn’t have a bigger ripple on things like the blood drive and the Mayor’s golf tournament.

    At least the blood donor event was never “Mayor ‘s event”. The Prayer Breakfast may as well have been.

    I think this seriously blurs the line between the position and the person, neither of which are critical to the success of such an event, and boarder on attention seeking and political manoeuvring.

    Leaders are supposed to share recognition. I expected that from Mayor Dawe and with this stunt he has not delivered.

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