burden of goof

Aurora’s self proclaimed artist Debora Campo starts off her letter on page 6 of the January 8th edition of the Auroran by stating "There are some things in life that defy understanding or rational thinking."

Reading the remainder of Campo’s letter only serves to confirm this.

Leaving aside an astonishingly high level of naivete demonstrated in her closing statement Ms.Campo’s letter is all about her "burden", we learn stemming from a dream she had as a child.

Comparing her "burden" to anyone close to the victims of the recent school shooting south of the boarder is pathetic enough, but what takes it over the top for me is the whole piece reads as a transparent means to plug her book. You know, in case you want to read it and all.


Notice how she couldn’t posibly have left out the part about attending "Ontario College of Art", or "teaching many art programs in the community".

The only burden Campo should be concerned with is the one she subjects the Auroran readership to with her self serving letters.

By way of comparison Sarah Dessen is an accomplished artist, a New York times Best Selling Author.
In Dessen’s 2004 novel "The Truth About Forever" ( http://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Forever-Sarah-Dessen/dp/0142406252 ) her character of Macy meets Wes.

Wes is a boy with a past, a taste for Truth-telling, and an amazing artistic talent. This relationship causes Macy to venture out of her shell and begin to wonder if it is really better to be safe than sorry.

Perhaps the real burden that needs to be discussed is with respect to Aurora’s art scene having a surplus of attention seeking Campos and a deficit of Truth-telling and artistic Wes’.


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