Homey Don’t Play Dat

Q: How stupid would a local Newspaper have to be exactly that they would actually publish tweets as content?

A: As stupid as the Era Banner.

Yes apparently they are that desperate for local content. Check out this recent one where they ran a tweet from the cowardly anonymous clowncilwatch account:

An interesting development given editor Deborah Kelly’s recent chest thumping piece about "140-character assaults made behind the veil of anonymity" in her self righteous piece back in November. I commented on that in this post here: http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/theres-nothing-heroic-about-debora-kellys-140

Obviously the whole part about "the newspaper must be able to stand behind the veracity of the information, by scrupulously confirming the identity of the source and information provided." doesn’t apply to anonymous twitter feeds. Either that or the paper made an exception in this particular case.

Certainly adds more questions as to the journalistic integrity of that paper and this so called "friend’s agenda".


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