Weekly Inspiration : the eyes have it

Francis Tsai is a concept artist who has worked for gaming companies like Rockstar, EA and Eidos.

In 2010 Tsai was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and the condition has slowly taken away his ability to draw.

At least with his limbs.

First he lost the use of his hands, so he learned to draw with his feet.

When that failed he worked to rig up a computer so he could draw with his eyes.

Yes, his eyes.

Using Tobii’s "eye-gazing" technology, plugged into drawing programs Sketchup and GIMP, Tsai has been able to create using nothing but the motion of his eyeballs.

Tsai embodies the message on one of his pieces that reads "survive, adapt, prevail".

The proceeds of all the prints sold on Francis’ store: http://teamgt.com are going towards funding his medical care.

I’m inspired.


Watts on your mind?

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