your roots are showing

Back in October we were treated to the rubber nose honking of a cowardly anonymous twitter feed by the handle “clowncilwatch”. I commented on it, and the ass-hats that immediately bought front row tickets in a previous post here;

Whoever the ass-clown is he/she obviously stays up late to wash off all the goo from their wretched face. In a pathetic grasp for attention here’s a mention I got a week back at 12:30 in the morning:

and one 15 minutes earlier:

Given the rather hooked on phonics style of writing it’s hard to know how to respond.

I love how a faceless clown has taken to calling me “Watt Boy”, and somehow Mayor Dawe is my “Boyo”.

If the point is to call my post on the Mayor’s Electronic Recycling event hypocritical, the clown certainly hasn’t provided any source for comparison.

I have no clue what the issue is regarding “self promo” invites, but the insinuation that former Clr. and the town’s Sesquicentennial ad-hoc Committee Chair is my “gal” is as ridiculous as calling the Mayor of Aurora my “boyo”.

Obviously this clown has some deep rooted issues with boys, but this isn’t the clown’s only source of disappointment as somehow I’m at fault for not providing he or she with their requisite level of foul language.

I’m sure they can compensate for that by simply looking in the closest mirror and saying the first couple words that come to mind as they gaze upon the face looking back. The one filled with failure and desperation.

No doubt out of practice the clown made an attempt at humour in another mention this month, this time to do with my appearance:

This is one clown should be more concerned with her appearance than mine. Because just like a former member of council this clown’s nasty ugly crusty roots are showing.

Unmasking an anonymous twitter clown isn’t unlike peeling a sour grape. If they prefer the role of circus freak they have chosen for themselves than so be it.

I’ve taken on better anonymous freaks before, among them a Vulcan, a Moose and a diseased Scottish tyrant.

In the words of one of the Clown’s biggest fans “Let the games begin”.


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