don’t they know its not Christmas time at all?

Returning from the Mayors Levee last Sunday I passed Aurora’s Historic Hillary House to see it still decked out in Christmas ribbons.

Already into the second month of 2013 I guess it is safe to assume that the Aurora Historical Society is all too content living in the past.

Now leaving up Christmas decorations well over a month on a National historic site is tacky enough, but if you happen to look closer the decoration themselves are the cheapest crap money can buy. Back in December when they were freshly hung on not only the house but also the dilapidated grey fence out front I noticed that on the ground underneath the bows were tags carelessly discarded on the ground by whomever hung them.

The act of littering is shameful enough but upon closer inspection they read "Dollarama". No doubt purchased just up the street.

So the Aurora Historical Society really went all out in dressing up Aurora’s National historic site. Instead of approaching a local business or artisan the cheap-o made-in-China bows were tacked upon it.

I wonder what the Hillary’s would have thought about that.

The Aurora Historical Society has proven that attention to detail is not their strong suit, as I posted previously their failure to have the heritage site participate in Earth Hour last year:

Is it Hillary House or Hillarious House?

How is a supposedly reputable Historical Society supposed to celebrate 50 years of its own history when it applies such a lack of innovation and sustainability on not just a National heritage site but the towns history as a whole?

Instead of doing what is appropriate to strengthen and engage our town I guess it’s just easier for the executive of the Aurora Historical Society to put a bow on it, and then go running to the town for money.

If that isn’t a band-aid solution I don’t know what is.


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