make a little noise

Flo Murray was truly a remarkable woman.

The above shot is a foot marker I took in the summer when taking photos at the Aurora Cemetery while research my family history. I had no clue how quickly Flo’s tombstone would see an end date. Given her enthusiasm for life it seemed unfathomable that it ever would:

At her service former mayor Tim Jones was asked to say a few words, and I am thankful he provided them to me so I could share them here. They are touching, funny and relentless, all traits that sum up Flo, and help paint a picture of a well lived life:

Flo Murray.pdf

Another former mayor Evelyn Buck shared her memories in this blog post here:

The more I hear about her adventures the more I recognize what a loss Aurora has suffered.

And then I stop myself, because even in her death Flo’s presence is still very much real to me. She left not only a mark on this town, on our family but also a path forward, one that will be explored to its fullest.

I shared my thoughts in a letter which was printed on page 6 this week’s Auroran, which can be found here:


From what I understand Flo only missed one family reunion her entire life, and that was last year. It was a noticeable absence. The year before she was there with one of her hats and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to get a photo of two angels I have encountered in my life:

Like most angels Flo has left behind several treasures that speak to our town’s hitsory. A couple of these I was lucky to pull forward and discus with her before she left us. The intent is, in her honor, to share them with the town she loved as we celebrate its 150th. A milestone that Flo will miss, but was present for over half of its making.

Flo did leave us quietly and without notice.

It wasn’t her style.

The job of making a little noise now falls to us, to make her as proud of us as we are of her.


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