editor doesn’t save face with column

An Error Banner piece from February 7th that is unatributed, but has all the drippings of its editor-in-chief regarding Aurora’s recent unanimous council decision to explore the Lucid Community Development Group’s proposal can be found here.

Aurora council voted to seek RFPs for any group wanting to run a festival in town park over the civic holiday long weekend.

The fact that the Aurora Jazz +/- Festival had operated a festival over the 2009 to 2012 period did not preclude it from submitting a proposal. It was a choice, and the fact that the organizers chose not to bid speaks volumes.

If they took offence to such a reasonable request, the question is why?

Just because they ran an event in the past doesn’t make them entitled to town park, and that is what this issue boils down to : entitlement. Mr. St Kitts is even on record as calling Aurora’s town park "my park".

In stark contrast the Lucid proposal to run a festival on a separate weekend, in a separate park is just that a separate issue. What double standard is being suggested? Why would they be "forced" to go through a bidding process when proposing a completely different festival, on a different date at a different park?

Preoccupied with the issue of force the author of this column is suggesting that council is being forced to make a significant concession regarding fencing.


What concession would that be?

What Lucid is proposing is to fence a portion of Machell Park, similar to an event like the town’s successfully run RibFest. This is nothing like what the Jazz +/- festival did by unnecessarily fencing town park and why it was a huge issue for not just members of council but the community as a whole.

The statement that "Lucid and the town are wise to avoid direct competition with the Newmarket event" is interesting, and the suggestion that a separation of one week will somehow damage both festivals is not followed by anything to substantiate such a claim.

Surely given how unique each festival is there is room for both.

Going out of his/her way in suggesting that there is uncertainty surrounding Lucid’s capability to make a successful event is baseless and offensive.

The former Aurora Jazz+/- festival did have 4 events, how successful they were has yet to be proven especially given the fact that a costly R.O.I. study was conducted and never disclosed.

Further cheap shots are made in this rather disgusting piece stating that Lucid is not a "local" group, really? How "local" is "local"? The Aurora Jazz+/- Festival was listed in the Festival Ontario Directory in King City. As far as I know Snowball isn’t in Aurora.

And how exactly does the author claim to know that Lucid’s members have "minimal experience working together".

As for "minimal web presence" the Aurora Jazz +/- festival web presence was non existent in 2009, it was abysmal ever since and still is.

Given the so grave concern about Aurora council backing a group with so little public information available one has to wonder where was this author was when council approved the first Aurora Jazz +/- Festival?

I think the fact that the writer says "we’re certainly not insinuating there’s anything untoward" suggests otherwise.

More interestingly, who is this royal "we"?

Who authored this letter, and who do they claim to speak for?

For someone who is so concerned with the issue of saving face, perhaps its their own face they need to look at before they spout off what we have witnessed here, a heavily biased and factually incorrect piece completely void of journalistic integrity.

The entire piece appears to be executed using the tactics laid out in this book:

Saving Face: How to Lie, Fake, and Maneuver Your Way Out of Life’s Most Awkward Situations

The only "substantial embarrassment" to be found is in the column itself, and perhaps that is why it was not attributed, instead shrowded in Adam Sandler’s halloween costume "Crazy newspaper face” from a SNL skit back in the 90s.

The bottom line with this column is that it is politically motivated, a feeling shared by the only comment online by Moneen, FEBRUARY 07, 2013 11:48 PM which reads:

Geez! …Enough already! It’s moving up the road. Not across the country!! I’m sure the staff at the Town will do their due diligence with this Lucid organization, and maybe there will be 2 events on different week-ends! “Politically motivated”….whatever. This editorial seems politically motivated.


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