I’ve never met you and this is crazy…

The Auroran has reported in this week’s edition that the proposed "AuroraLive" festival,that earlier last month lost all of its star power due to "philosophical differences", has lost something even more significant : its pulse.

Clr. Gallo’s participation in objecting to the festival in the media, the same one that he and all members of council supported in a vote seems to have turned his declaration from last year that "culture is dead in this town" into a self fulfilling prophecy.

I have no idea as to the turn of events that led to the parting of ways of the festival organizers. Nor do I understand the latest throwing in of the towel by Lucid’s last man standing.

I don’t suspect I ever will, but that’s not to say I wasn’t extended an opportunity.

Last Friday night at 10:42PM I received a call at my house.

It is seldom I receive unexpected calls at this late an hour, so figuring it to be a family member or a close friend I decided to answer.

At first I thought it to be a wrong number, then the caller identified himself as a Mr. Roche connected to the Lucid festival. I was a little confused given the hour and the fact that I have had no contact, nor any dealings with the Lucid group aside from following their twitter feed, something I have since reversed.

Mr. Roche wanted to speak to me about something I had written on this, my personal blog.


This immediately reminded me of Guy Poppe calling Richard Johnson at his house for comments left on the Aurora Citizen blog.

Here’s this guy on the phone with me going on 11PM.

What is wrong with people? Ever heard of a comment box ass-hats?

More than a little agitated I asked him how he acquired my home phone number. After a brief sidebar with his wife informed me that he simply got it from 411.

After a short pause he didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with the situation and wanted to proceed with having a conversation.

Another WTF?

I have a young family that was trying to settle back into a routine after March break. What was this guy hoping an unsolicited call going to do other than piss me off?

After pointing out the time and telling him how inconvenient the call was he relented and hung up. Moments after I received a twitter message providing me details to call him leaving me to wonder why couldn’t have been done in the first place?

Calling someone out of the blue at their home after scouring 411 for their home number doesn’t fit with the dictionary definition of "lucid".

Instead I think one would more likely find it beside the term "douchebag".

This certainly falls outside the realm of professional business behavior that I am accustomed too and only served to confirm a philosophical difference between how I conduct business and how Mr. Roche does.

The fact that he’s no longer looking to in our town is no concern of mine, and never was.

I honestly don’t care if there is a music festival in town this year.

Perhaps after all this craziness a little peace and quiet will be music to everyone’s ears.


2 thoughts on “I’ve never met you and this is crazy…

  1. Wow! 411 is a foreign resource to you I have learned. Here I was thinking you were intelligent but upon reading your blog I realized your actually part of the problem. In fact, you have reminded me of the description my 3 year Clinical Psychology Professor gave in reference to those who don’t take their meds. Time for a refill and some NLP. Usually helps with Narcissism you’ll find. .

  2. Nothing I wrote in this post suggests that 411 is a foreign resource to me. I just don’t use it like yourself to find home numbers of people I have never met and decide to phone them late at night as a primary way of introducing myself.

    I’m sorry things didn’t work out well for your music venture but I still fail to understand why you felt the need to call me at my home at such a late hour.

    The fact that you had an opportunity to explain yourself in your comment and didn’t leads me to believe that you feel what you did was acceptable.

    It clearly wasn’t and you don’t wish to own your mistake.

    Your extensive psychological training is impressive and although I thank you for extending me your free diagnosis, an apology for disturbing me and my family would have been more than sufficient.

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