the only job you start at the top is digging a hole

The ink isn’t even dry on the obituary for AuroraLive and lo and behold a job posting for the 2013 Aurora Jazz+ festival:

For those not willing or able to use the link here’s a screengrab from the MediaJobSearchCanada site:

I’m confused.

Is there or isn’t there an Aurora Jazz+ Festival?

Reading this posting certainly suggests there is one. From the Aurora name to the Aurora logo, even the location dates and times are all there.


Is this advertisement for an Newmarket Jazz+ Fest or an Aurora Jazz+ Fest?

This appears to have been posted back on February 1st when the organizers had fully decided not to place a bid for an Aurora festival.

So if this job is for Newmarket why is the name “Aurora Jazz+ Fest” and logo used?

Considering a Newmarket Jazz+ Festival logo is available on the festival’s website, why would it not be used here?

Back on January 3rd the Error Banner declared that Newmarket would be hosting the 2013 festival. It can be read here:

In the piece organizer St. Kitts is quoted as saying “We want to make sure people realize this is new and not just the Aurora festival moved across the border.”

Even more curious how strikingly similarly the logo appears from an organization determined to differentiate the two festivals.

Advertising a job using the Aurora Jazz+ Festival name and details certainly does nothing to advance this.

Last Friday the Banner ran another piece speaking to the acts for the festival and that “planning was underway”.

Neither press piece has stated that the organizers have secured the Riverwalk Commons, or that the business owners or council have approved this event. Given all the the issues here in Aurora you would think this would be forefront in their announcements.

Everything continues to be clouded in confusion.

What I can make from it all is that AuroraLive is AuroraDead.

And the Aurora plus or minus festival has been zombified and may or may not go forward in Newmarket..

For those of us fed up with all the noise and just want some great Canadian music worth listening to I offer you this late 90’s chart topper:


Watts on your mind?

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