There I am, up on the stage. Here I go playin’ star again. There I go, turn the page.

If Clr John Gallo spent a fraction of the time preparing for and paying attention to the issues at the council table that he does writing letters to the Auroran, be it to inform us of where or where he does not drink coffee and the correct term for his hair ( ) to mourn the closing of his favorite franchised discount retailer greasy spoon ( or more recently ganging up with two other councilors and going on ad naseum about their stance regarding the Lucid festival, if and it’s a big if, one thing is for certain the Auroran would have fewer pages.

Turning pages seems to be big deal for Clr. Gallo as he is suggesting in his latest showing found on page 6 of this week’s Auroran.

Obviously this latest letter rose out of his need to, what were his words again – oh yeah “provide an opposing viewpoint”. Which must be why he was “forced” to do so ad naseum through numerous letters and social media. The latter being one more area the councilor has demonstrated he knows little about.

Clr. Gallo’s output at council both this term and last has been consistently anything but a real page turner. After all it is the very same Clr. that raises points, of “something”:

Due to such lack of substance in his writing I decided to turn on some background music while attempting to decipher Gallo’s latest blather and appropriately selected Bob Seger’s 1972 “Turn the Page”.

One verse stood out:

“Most times you can’t hear ’em talk,
Other times you can
All the same old cliches,
“Is that a woman or a man?”
And you always seem outnumbered,
You don’t dare make a stand.”

It is the live version of that got all the airplay, this inspiration for which is explained here:

The only thing that has been “explained ad naseum” in Clr. Gallo’s letters is how “dumfounded” he is and continues to be after blowing this whole issue out of proportion and now wanting to wash his hands of it.


The fact that he actually writes into the local paper suggesting that he speaks for 2 other councilors is concerning if not downright laughable.

Is he washing his hands, or does one hand wash the others?

This latest stunt of Clr. Gallo’s reminds me of character Filbert’s antics from Nickelodeon’s 1990’s children’s show Rockos Modern Life ( )

If you’re like me starving for something something with more sophistication and culture than Clr. Gallo’s letter writing can ever hope to afford I would suggest checking Waldo Lee’s work. The above image was featured in the Beaux Arts magazine:
More of Lee’s work can be found on his site here:


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