your reality check is in the e-mail


A letter to the editor that I submitted to the Auroran ran this week on pages 4 and 6 can also be found online on the recently redesigned Auroran website here:

In my letter I reference the town of Aurora’s communication policy reported in the Error Banner February 7th here:

A second Error Banner piece that speaks to seeking guidelines for handling email stemming from discussions out of the city of Vaughan’s transparency and accountability committee back in May of 2010 can be found here:

I also touched on Aurora staff report CS08-038, for those interested in reading it you can find it online here:

A particularly salient point from the report is this

The Council Code of Conduct states as its purpose:

The Code of Conduct for Members of Council and related Town Policies identifies the Town’s expectations of Council Members and establishes guidelines appropriate conduct to ensure that :

– The decision making process of Town Council is transparent, accessible and equitable.

If Clr. Ballard, Gallo & Gaertner’s letter wasn’t an effort to offline conversations with members of the public I would certainly be interested in hearing what possible rationalization they would have. But knowing how these three operate I’m not holding my breath.

As expected members of council emails are found on the town’s website here:

Accept no substitutes.

The featured image is one of The Oatmeal’s classics.  For more fun be sure to check out


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