Word Up

Anyone visiting the Auroran online this week will notice that the www.theauroran.com domain now redirects to www.newspapers-online.com/auroran/

It appears that the Simcoe-York Group of Newspapers has rolled out a consistent web presence across all their properties thankfully putting an end to the abomination of a website that the Auroran was using till now.

I’m overjoyed that The Auroan has made the wise decision to evolve and embrace the WordPress platform used by several other notable news outlets.

I commented on the WordPress platform when I made the jump earlier this year in this post here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/im-back-baby/

No longer entrenched in some late 1990’s architecture The Auroran has opened itself to a far greater audience.

A decision that in itself is newsworthy.

Curious as to the origins of the old outmoded site I understand it was created by some business called AuroraOnline Inc.

Wanting to know more about Aurora Online Inc. and their services I looked up their site and found it here: http://www.auroraonline.com/webdevelopment

Their website offers no redeeming qualities. It is even worse than the Town’s website, something I didn’t think possible.

So who are Aurora Online’s unfortunate clients?

From their portfolio page here: http://www.auroraonline.com/portfolio amongst some others it lists M.P.P. Frank Klees and the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

Both of these sites are also an embarrassing mishmash of impossible to search and navigate content, absent of rich media and meaningful social media integration and nowhere close to being supported by mobile devices.

So what is the glunk filled engine that these sites are constrained by?

The Auroran’s old site was said to be "powered by XiMMiX."

Never hearing of a web platform called ximmix I found the parent website for it here: http://www.ximmix.ca/

No surprise that it is effectively abandoned on the side of the information super highway, as it should be.

The web evolves at a rapid pace, something Ximmix has demonstrated it has failed to do.

The Auroran’s new site is not without its own issues, but it is a great start and allows a wealth of expandability through a legion of developers.

The only place that ximmix will ever hope to have in the Auroran going forward will be in the obituary section.

Word up.

Watts on your mind?

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