Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.


Clr. Wendy Gaertner only reinforced E. B. White’s words at Tuesday’s general committee meeting when a staff report she had requested on African Dwarf Frogs was brought forward for discussion.

I commented on the councilor’s ludicrous request in this previous post here:

Tuesday night Clr. Buck called it for what it was : a complete waste of time.

For those that didn’t read report BBS13-006 the following is a suitable video alternative:

For those that did read the report would have read the following staff findings:

Staff have contacted our local pet stores and determined that there are no retailers in the Town of Aurora selling African Dwarf Frogs.


Staff also contacted York Region Health Department and there have been no cases of Salmonella poisoning related to African Dwarf Frog exposure in York Region.

Obviously Clr. Gaertner didn’t read the report as she pressed on with her frog fiasco proposing a needless bylaw be created, when in the report it clearly stated:

It should be noted that passing a by-law prohibiting these types of frogs would be difficult to enforce as these frogs would be kept as pets and entry into a dwelling to identify a violation may be difficult to achieve.

So after all that two things are certain:

1.) There are no African Dwarf Frogs being peddled in Aurora, and residents are in no serious health risk.

2.) The business Clr. Gaertner brings to the council table is a load of bollocks that doesn’t warrant analyzing by anyone but herself.


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