falling on the wagon

At the Aurora Council meeting of Tuesday April 9th Clr. Ballard’s crusade to have unnecessarily increased expense reports of council members came to a head. After his first amendment failed, he supported an amendment from Clr. Gallo which also failed. Obviously wanting to complete a trifecta of failure in a most glorious display of obstinence and futility the councillor decided to forward another amendment, this time to add a clause that prohibited alcohol as a council expense.

Clr. Ballard’s been pursuing his right to dry (town) campaign for over 5 months, back in December he twatted out this:

Yet in the 5 months since Clr. Ballard failed to produce any proof.

Clr. Abel brought the discussion around effectively looking for a resolution to sort through Clr. Ballard’s noise effectively asking Ballard to put up or shut up.

Clr. Ballard’s response was full of rhetoric suggesting that the matter be resolved by sabres at dawn.

It’s not surprising to hear Clr. Ballard use combative and and confrontational language it was the only thing he brought to the table when debating the flawed Aurora Cultural Services contract as I commented on here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/go-pound-truffle-salt/

All he has done in this recent outburst is substitute sabres for knives which of course failed to engage the more rational councilor in combat.

Faced with the fact that he had exhausted all his efforts to delay Ballard produced his smoking gun. The jaw dropping, integrity smashing and downright damming expense report that Mayor Dawe expensed a whopping $56 on alcohol.

This wasn’t last year, it was in 2011. A portion of the report is now available on the town website here:

When one scrutinizes it to the level Clr. Ballard has you see that amount is spread over 2 receipts.

The first is for a group of 4, where 2 pitchers of beer was purchased for $34.50.

The second is for what appears to be a group of 3, where 3 20oz Stella Artois are purchased for an amount of $21.90.

What can be gleamed from this?

The Mayor expensed alcohol for 2 meetings in a calendar year, hosting 7 people placing the total cost per person at $8.

All I see from the receipts is that Highland Golf Course is overpriced, but for Clr. Ballard this is some momentousness issue that requires council attention.


It was not surprising that Clr. Ballard’s amendment failed, the only two councillors on the bandwagon were Clr Gaertner and Clr. Gallo.

Clr. Buck talked about the negative impact that this would have on the mayor’s office with respect to hospitality. You’d think as Clr. Ballard often triumphs his rather short and unimpressive time on the Economic Development committee he would understand.
Instead his judgement appears to be severely impaired.

When it came down to the logistics Clr. Pirri pointed out the quagmire of trying to reimburse or part out event tickets that include drinks. Instead of listening Clr. Ballard dismissed this as a red herring, no doubt confusing that cliche with a cocktail drink he was looking to banish from council’s reach.

Considering that Aurora is not like Newmarket council soured by a convicted drunk driver as a sitting council member the majority of council agreed to leave the matter up to the discretion of council members instead of entertaining a proposal as absurd as this:

Because Ballard’s amendment is obviously a rational and warranted response to the fact that no expenses were incurred in the entire 2012 year, and the total expenses for the entire 2011 year were a mere $56.

Instead of seeking rationalization for those expenses Ballard chose the route of what appears to be politically motivated charge against Mayor Dawe, and stopping short of a full on inquisition he has became the poster child on council for advocating a movement that has more to do with being temperamental than temperance.

Instead of prohibition and motions and amendments perhaps Clr. Ballard should step off his self righteous soap box and up to a bar.
Sharing a drink with fellow council members may help to curb the alarming amount of aggression, lashing out and calling others out for duels to the death.

On a side note, anyone curious to know the origins of the term “on the wagon” should listen to this spoken track from Grady’s second release A Cup of Cold Poison:


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