temporary tattoos

Having attended tattoos at both Edinburgh and Cardiff castles when I was younger what I witnessed at this past Sunday’s attempt in Aurora was less a tattoo and more of a tramp stamp.

I wanted to enjoy the event but like the Mayor’s levee in February it failed to deliver on so many levels.

I hear the “mudder” for the kids was not well received, it certainly wasn’t on my daughter’s to do list.

The music and the marching in the tattoo itself were top notch, as were all the participants. Maybe it lacked the backdrop, the big cannons, the explosions, but looking at the crowd what it really lacked was a good cross section of the town.

What happened to the theme of “Past, Present AND Future”?

This event was obviously aimed at the over 60 crowd and it showed. When talking with others around town no one seemed to understand what a tattoo was.

There were more than a couple people confusing the temporary signage promoting the event with the opening of a tattoo parlor.

If you know of anyone who missed the event and want to forward them some bagpipe music that is a little more progressive I would suggest this cover of ACDC’s Thunderstruck performed by Ross Ainslie (Border Pipes) and Jarlath Henderson (Uilleann Pipes) at Celtic Connections 2012:

A more than fitting tribute considering ACDC’s front man Bon Scott once played in the Fremantle Scots Pipe Band in western Australia. It showed in this 1976 performance of “it’s a long way to the top” :

Anyone still looking for a memento, like the tattoos featured above, can order them here: http://www.stupid.com/tattoos-for-the-elderly.html


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