day tripper or accidental tourist?

Aurora used to be a destination by rail.

That was 150 years ago.

It is no longer.

If we considered tourism a serious component of our economy it would be encompassed by a plan, a committee or even sub-committee, and be accompanied by allocated town staff and resources.

The fact that we don’t have any of this isn’t stopping council for pushing to have a Go train run to and from Toronto according to this piece in the Error Banner:

Certainly a different stance from the previous council that was attempting to stop GO from sounding their whistles as they passed through town:

I particularly like how this brain dead idea is justified by Clr. Ballard as he is quoted in the article as saying:

“Perhaps we could convince some Toronto folks a day in Aurora would be a day well spent.”


Wouldn’t the rational solution be to implement service in direct relation to demand?

Where is this supposed demand from Torontonians to venture up to Aurora by the train load?

No one I know from Toronto would suddenly jump and say “what, there’s a train running to Aurora?, why that’s so convenient. That’s exactly why I haven’t made a trip, the lack of a single Go Train”.

If I’m wrong and there is demand than surely a study could be brought forth to show it. If there isn’t the demand then pushing to have a train arrive is premature to say the least.

Supposing train was the preferred way for Torontonians to make their way to Aurora then why exactly do we need to be subsidizing highway markers for the one and only destination that some councilors believe we have in Aurora:

As for the fantastical image being painted of a trainload of Torontonians descending on the Aurora Farmers Market has Clr. Ballard even stopped to consider how implausible that is?

Our Farmers Market serves our town, it isn’t designed to be a tourist draw, nor could it support such.

The GTA has several markets, the majority of them more established and more successful than ours. In fact the market at the Junction, also running on Saturdays, just moved to a more convenient location :

Realistically how many people do you expect would take a 40 minute train ride North to buy produce when they have a market closer to them?
Not to mention the fact that you would be stuck in town with said produce, carrying it with you wherever you go waiting for the only return trip in hopes that what you have purchased does not spoil.

Aurora has a long way to go for those in the GTA to choose us over the rest of the Region. The fact that this obvious fact has escaped Clr. Ballard only serves to reinforce my sense of relief that he doesn’t sit on the town’s Economic Development Committee.

To simply advocate for more transit before building a brand, a viable and sustainable tourism plan is takin the easy way out.

And on that note here’s Whitesnake’s cover of the Beatle’s classic here:


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