shaddap you…

Where music is the focus of NXNE, known as North by North East, the event has expanded into the interactive space making it one of the more interesting local conferences to follow in my line of work. It was during one of 65 panels that a light was cast on Toronto’s Music City Campaign 2.0 known as 4479 Toronto. The formations of a website are available here:

Yonge Street Media ran a piece about the initiative to align Toronto with destinations such as Austin and Nashville, you can read that here:

It was this comparison to Austin that caught my eye as a notion had been flaunted by Deputy Mayor John Abel back in February that a similar strategy be attempted herein Aurora. I pointed out the sheer folly of such a proposal here:

At the recent Library Square public meeting Deputy Mayor Abel reintroduced his notion that a Performing Arts Centre be erected. I commented on that meeting here:

In attendance was former Deputy Mayor Bob McRoberts, and he questioned Abel’s logic in duplicating a resource that our close neighbours in Richmond hill just recently constructed and have very effectively executed.

I have to agree. Why would we go through a process to build and operate an identical resource? It doesn’t sound innovative or sustainable to me.

What doesn’t have any teeth in Aurora certainly seems plausible to our south as several key venues, artists and labels in the city have invested 6 months in such a re-branding effort.

Conversely here in Aurora more noise has been made over permitting our Town Park for a single festival than will actually be produced at said festival.

But not to worry because the town has spent a portion of its lavish $200,000 Sesquicentennial funding on bringing geezer Canadian jazz-rock band Lighthouse out of obscurity and onto centre stage here in Austin 2.0, I mean Aurora.

I wonder if the now banjo packing Klowncil Kritters ( will be warming up the crowds or sharing the stage with the few of the original Lighthouse line-up that keep on flickering.

It may be too much to expect as the Mayor already has his hands full with a “150” guitar circle :
I particularly liked the disclaimer on the cheesy ass website that reads “more or less”, because obviously the number 150 is meaningless in this the town’s 150th year celebrations.

Also noticeably absent in the music elements that comprise the town’s 150th celebrations is Aurora’s musical past.

As old as they are Lighthouse has no Aurora roots to my knowledge, but hey let’s blow all the $ on them and hope that everyone is okay with it.


If we’re not embracing our musical heritage in this the 150th year of the town, and if we’re planning mediocre musical events that offer nothing unique, then how does anyone buy into a vision of Aurora’s future being a live music destination with a focus on the performing arts?

Branding is such an important component of a town’s make-up, it’s economy, it’s integrity that as a council you want to ensure consistency of message, or in other terms that no one is singing off key.

It was Mark Twain who once said “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”
Or was it Abraham Lincoln?

On that note, take it away Joe


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