Hello NIMBYs, can you hear me now?

After his trademark showboating and chest thumping Clr. Chris Ballard has received the costly external legal opinion he demanded regarding a recent communications tower erected in an entirely different town than ours.

As reported on page 1 and 6 of this week’s Auroran :

“We do not see that the Town can raise any substantive concerns with the locating of the cell phone tower, as there is no evidence of visual or health impact rising to the level that would be seriously considered by a judge on judicial review. Meanwhile, the procedural irregularities do not appear to rise to the level of seriousness which is required by the courts on judicial review."

It cannot be claimed that the knee jerk response allowed by council, encouraged by Clr. Ballard was founded in anything serious.

When I commented on the whole circus sideshow in my previous post here:
https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/weve-got-to-fight-the-towers-that-be/ I referenced some interesting camouflage of a cellphone tower to make it appear as a White pine pictured above.

The company behind this is a Canadian outfit who since 1932 has been a leader in wireless communications infrastructure: http://www.trylon.com/

It’s unfortunate that Clr. Ballard pushed hard in the direction he did as the money spent on lawyers could have been spent on actualy addressing, in this case dressing the issue.

Perhaps collectively we should be thankful as I can just imagine the precedent council spending money on this would set.

Next beating a path to council would be all those that back along the hydro corridor requesting a makeover of the towers that make up their view, perhaps with visions like this:


Watts on your mind?

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