ignorance hidden in plain sight

One doesn’t have to look hard to find evidence of how the Town of Aurora works in silos.

Going for a stroll down our historic downtown, which is easy to do unobstructed given the little sidewalk traffic, and you will encounter a series of light standards that line both sides of Yonge street.

Attached to each light standard is both a hanging banner and a planter similar to what is pictured above.

The glaring design flaw being that the planters eclipse the banners rendering them unnoticeable.

Here’s another example, this time demonstrating Canada’s Birthday town pride:

And hey, when the planters aren’t obscuring the banners they do a fantastic job of hiding all the parking signs like this:

Are town staff and town Councillors really this blind to our downtown core?

Do they not see things like this? Does it just all blend into the background?

Perhaps a better question may be do they even walk or park in the downtown core?

For sake of comparison the light standards on main-street Newmarket don’t suffer from this problem so I suspect this is likely the result of "it’s not my problem" thinking. However if it is done intentionally I’m open to hearing how this enhances our downtown core or, even better exhibits the characters if innovation and sustainability that are enshrined in our strategic plan.


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