keeping minutes but losing hours

Clr. Buck has pointed out a disappointing trend with Aurora council meetings over this past year, they don’t end.

They don’t end because they don’t really begin, that is until a bunch of pomp and circumstance is observed. You can read her more than reasonable complaint here:

I fully agree that presentations and awards should be separated from council meetings, but even with these removed is there any hope of seeing any shred of productivity?

Out of control meetings was one of the noted dysfunctional elements of the 2006-2010 term of council that resulted in Clr. Grace Marsh’s resignation as covered on page 1 of this edition of the Auroran:

Mayor Dawe campaigned on his vast business experience and promised to tighten up the ship in this respect and Aurorans provided him the opportunity.

Unfortunately as far as meetings go Mayor Dawe hasn’t really delivered on any substantial change, nor does it seem that he is bringing the requisite leadership necessary for conducting a productive meeting.

Mike Brown lists 16 Questions for leading productive meetings over on Brainzooming here:

Not all apply to council meetings but let us look at a few:

#5. If this is a regularly scheduled meeting, what are the group’s previously-made decisions that need to be posted so we don’t go back and waste time revisiting them?

The late Dick Illingworth column on pg 4 of the October 16th 2007 edition of the

Auroran raises the issue of the length of meetings and the cost of rehashing items from committee at council:

#15. What’s the plan if we fall behind the agenda in achieving the meeting objective?

On pg 16 of the July 24th 2007 edition of The Auroran it was noted that back in 2002 Mayor Tim Jones suggested Councillors provide a reason for issues they singled out as needing to be discussed separately:

Thanks to Phyllis Moirris, Aurora’s political gift that keeps on giving even when out of office, chaos replaced order.

The suggestion in 2007 was to try these mayors rules again.

Sadly I expect if this was attempted we would simply be reading a similar headline to this in the following week’s Auroran:


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