Shut Happens

The rent is too damn high in Aurora, at least for 1627378 Ontario Ltd. it seems to be the case.

Better known to Aurorans as King Henry’s Arms II. Its sister restaurant in Uxbridge is also shut.

This week’s Auroran reports that the owners have been evicted from the Younge & Orchard Heights area plaza due to failure to pay rent.

Upon visiting the restaurant earlier today a note posted on the window says the owners have until 6pm tonight to remove all personal items and equipment.
You can read it for yourself here:

A surprise for everyone, including a gentleman that approached the doors as I was leaving not aware of the situation. We chatted briefly and he headed across the road to Tom & Jerry’s, which like Shoeless Joe’s will most likely pick up the business in its wake.

The upsetting thing is that the pub was always busy, a destination for live music and great food at reasonable prices.

While I was taking some quick pictures I one of the grocery suppliers rolled up in his truck hoping to find the owner. He that said he kind of saw it coming when he wasn’t getting paid on time over the past couple months.

To give you some perspective of just how popular King Henry’s was the supplier said that they would consume $800 of groceries a week. Where Shoeless Joe’s and Tom & Jerry’s were only taking in $200 in the same period. Their food just doesn’t compare.

This is a considerable blow to North West Aurora which is still suffering from the loss of Foodland in the St. Andrews plaza which has yet to recover and effectively has become a wasteland.

A sad day for Aurora indeed.

Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more.


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