While 5 guitars gently weep

Back on June 30th Aurora hosted a “guitar extravaganza!”.

According to the website www.150guitars.com 150 Guitar players (more or less) played 3 songs to celebrate the town of Aurora’s birthday.

CTV news was there to cover the event, and unlike the organizers did some basic math: http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=957119

Looking at the footage and one gathers that the emphasis was on the “more or less” as the number of guitarists fell way short of 150, by like a factor of 10!

I understand the intent wasn’t to break any records for attendance which is a good thing as the current world record for largest guitar ensemble is 1,802 people who gathered in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany to play Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water.

Back in 2009 There was a Luminato Guitar Festival at Dundas square in Toronto that attempted to break the record but came up short. What was interesting though is that unlike what happened in Aurora participants were able to vote for one of ten songs. You know, so you wouldn’t be stuck strumming kumbaya or worse some Jimmy Buffet tune.

Aurora’s 150 Guitars was no extravaganza, it was a non-event.

What’s upsetting to hear is the organizer trying to downplay the number of guitars.


The entire reason to assemble was to celebrate the town’s 150th birthday. You even named the event 150 Guitars!

Obviously the number 150 is integral to the event.

Failing to make that number is a reflection of poor marketing and engagement, something that has plagued the town’s Sesquicentennial celebrations all year.


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