can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff

With the Harper government proroguing Parliament until October they have effectively hit the pause button on the growing Senate expense scandal. No doubt congratulating one another with a trademark Duffman “Oh Yeah!”

However, if they think they will be able to reset the public backlash they must be, well, drunk.

Back in 2009, in-between hiccups in an appearance on CBC News Senator Duffy dismissed questions of his expenses as baffle gab and that he was being singled out. He noticeably slurs his speech and becomes very aggressive with the host and M.P. Peter Stoffer making one question his sobriety, check it out here:

The same month as this video a fundraising event here in Aurora landed the Duffman on front page of the Auroran along with our own rather dazed looking M.P. Lois Brown:

What do you think the chances are “special guest” Duffy expensed this trip?

According to The Simpsons wiki ( ) the Duff corporation does not publicly acknowledge that Duffman is only a fictional character, so as not to disillusion Duffman’s “fans”. One wonders how the Conservative party intends to acknowledge the greediness of some of their non-fictional characters during their throne speech to its own disillusioned fans and the nation as a whole.


Watts on your mind?

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