money doesn’t grow on trees?

According to Professor T.M.Das of the University of Calcutta a tree living for 50 years will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution
control, control soil erosion and increase soil fertility to the tune of $31,250. Recycle $37,500 worth of water and provide a home for animals worth $31,250 arriving
at a total value a tree provides at $193,250. This figure does not include the value of fruits, lumber or beauty derived from trees.

Obviously planting trees is a sustainable, and even fiscally responsible endeavor.

However when it is done by some here in Aurora it boarders on a “noble experiment” not unlike the traffic calming sham that was forced on a section of our town.

Clr. Buck’s has raised the issue on her blog of York Region’s haphazard and seemingly unsuccessful tree planting efforts over the past couple years. Most recently she commented on recent planting along Bathurst St., you can read her post here:

Having witnessed the planting taking place back in June at the Orchard Heights & Bathurst intersection involving a sizable crew I trekked out today to do a closer

The recent planting is on a grade lower than the road surface with the trees placed in front of the Region’s less than impressive, and unnecessary $2 million dollar wall. The rationale for said fencing was that it provided some sort of magical sound resistant properties, the kind that obviously the wall of mature trees planted by the no 30 year development couldn’t provide.

Here’s a shot showing the cross section of Bathurst, guard-rail, embankment, new trees, fence and then dense mature trees from the lots backing onto Bathurst from Whispering Pine Trail:

The trees look to be a hearty variety, filled in with a healthy amount of mulch and tethered with two posts:

Given that sustainability is still a foreign concept to York region, and will most likely remain that way until Bill Fisch is replaced, the fate of these trees is uncertain. The Region having has provided these trees with hospital bracelets in what can only be interpreted as foreshadowing given their previous attempts where trees were effectively dumped by the sides of Bathurst and left for dead.

Here is a shot of the toe-tag:

Given the fact that York Region is sitting on $2 Billion dollars of debt and green-lit a $2 Million wooden fence it shouldn’t be surprising that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being flushed into the Region’s ditches under the auspice of “being green”.

Aurora taxpayers may never get a clear answer as to the true costs of all this tree planing, and re-planting seeing as singular voice at the region has argued in favor of tax increases.

Taxpayers aren’t the only one getting shafted, trees have been used, and abused by Aurora politicians in recent years.

On a yearly basis M.P.P. Frank Klees attempts to hand out saplings to those of us in town he must assume are saps.

On pg 6 of the July 10th 2007 edition of The Auroran Jim Jackson calls the sham for what it is: political chicanery. Jackson is no sap and you can read his astute
observations of Klees’ pathetic ploy here:

If the misrepresentation of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority wasn’t bad enough, on pg 5 of the June 12th 2013 edition of the Auroran columnist Scott Johnston poses the question that has been on my mind “what percentage of the spruce trees handed out each year actually get planted?” You can read Scott’s column in full here:

It takes a special brand of idiot to purchase living trees and then hand them out into the community in little plastic bags believing that more than a handful of these go on to be planted.

Klees is using trees as a cover, not unlike former one term Aurora mayor Morris did in her martyr pose here:

The fact that neither votes nor money grow on trees doesn’t seem to stop some politicians in Aurora from acting like monkeys.


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